Scottish Elections 2021: What the parties say about forestry and wood

23 April 2021

Confor has analysed the forestry and wood content in the main parties’ manifestos for the Scottish Parliament elections on 6th May.

Scotland is planting 80% of all new woodland in the UK and is the only part of the UK to have set clear targets for wood use in construction. In the last Parliamentary session, Confor has continued to build relations with the political parties. This, in addition to COP26 coming to Scotland in November, has focused attention on the climate change benefits of forestry and wood use - so forestry and wood has a higher profile in the manifestos. 

Confor produced its own manifesto, Building A Greener Future, which you can read here if you have not already seen a copy. Its findings were well-received by all parties at our pre-election hustings on March 25th (click here to read report). 

In this item, we analyse what the main parties are saying about trees and timber - and what it could mean.