Forests, wood and climate change

Confor has put the issue of Forests, Wood & Climate Change at the heart of all its campaigning activity for 2019 and set ambitious, but realistic targets to increase tree planting. Latest news on climate change

The Committee on Climate Change has called tree planting a "simple, low-cost option" to remove carbon from the atmosphere - part of a mounting body of evidence that says tree planting and timber construction must play a greater role in mitigating the damaging effects of climate change.

Despite good progress on both new planting and timber construction in Scotland, afforestation across the rest of the UK continues to flat-line.

Confor is working with politicians across the UK to try to drive more ambitious planting rates and to strengthen the link between forests, wood and climate change. Read about a 2019 meeting of our All-Party Parliamentary Group on Forestry with Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change, here.

Read about Confor's proposed target of 40,000 hectares proposal below - and find out much more about forests, wood and climate change by watching our videos, reading background documents and catching up on Confor's media work on the issue.