Confor steps up focus on climate change

30 March 2019

Confor has stepped up its 2019 focus on climate change with two positive articles in the media this week.

Forests, wood and climate change is a theme cutting across all Confor campaigns this year - as the industry seeks to harness wide-ranging evidence to show that planting trees and using timber is the simplest and most cost-effective form of carbon capture and storage. 

Loading logs to lorry in forest

In an article in The Herald's weekly Climate for Change feature, Confor Chief Executive Stuart Goodall wrote: "When people hear the phrase 'Carbon Capture and Storage', I want then to think about planting trees and using wood. Other options (like pumping carbon under the sea bed) are either unproven or costly." 

Read the full article here.

In Confor's regular Scotsman column, Mr Goodall wrote: "Successive reports by the CCC have highlighted the growing significance of forestry and wood in meeting climate change targets, describing tree planting and timber use as a simple, low-cost option to make a real impact." 

Read the full article here.