Stakeholder Engagement Training (Scotland)

As woodland expansion and creation is projected to increase, potential areas of tension with other land users and communities may arise. Those in the forestry sector need to be prepared to tackle these issues and engage stakeholders at all stages.

Confor has been working with its members to identify best practice approaches and is now able to offer a stakeholder engagement training course for the sector. Designed and tested by industry representatives so that the training is appropriate and relevant to industry practitioners, the first series of the courses will be running across Scotland in 2023/24.

Confor is grateful to Scottish Forestry for their support in delivering these training courses.

Each course comprises self-learning, an online meeting and a one day in-person workshop, described in more detail below. It aims to set the policy context for why we engage and provide tools and techniques to help delegates plan and carry out effective engagement with a wide range of stakeholders. 

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the context for stakeholder engagement in forestry in Scotland;
  • Access and utilise industry information to explain why the sector plants and harvests trees;
  • Utilise the tools and techniques learnt on the course to:
    • identify and analyse stakeholders for a project;
    • plan and deliver tailored and appropriate stakeholder engagement;
    • improve the quality of stakeholder feedback.