Take action for trees in England

24 January 2019

Submit evidence to Defra’s consultation on urban trees and illegal felling

Defra are consulting on measures to help protect England’s urban trees by requiring local authorities to consult before felling street trees, to monitor their urban tree cover and to produce Tree and Woodland Strategies; and a measure to strengthen the Forestry Commission’s power to tackle illegal felling.

Confor is broadly supportive of the measures, although there are some areas where we feel the proposals could be tighter.

Your responses to this consultation will be valuable, both in support of the Confor response and in adding evidence from your own experience and expertise.

Please read Confor’s response here and send your own responses to Dan.Doherty@defra.gov.uk by 28 February 2018.

You can read Defra’s proposals here and can submit a full response to all the questions using the online form. (NB if using the online form, we advise keeping a copy of your answers in a Word document in case the submission fails).