Decarbonising Wales

30 August 2018

Have your say on the importance of trees in meeting Wales’ climate change targets

The Welsh Government is consulting on how best to meet the required reduction in carbon emissions of 80% by 2050. Forestry is an essential element of carbon reduction, so Confor will be responding to the consultation. Our response will have far more impact if as many members as possible also send in your own response making points including the following:  

  • Emphasise that forestry is unique in its potential to be a large-scale carbon sink which also yields a useful product producing economic returns.
  • Support the proposal to “revise regulatory and support regimes to increase tree planting to at least 2000 hectares per year increasing to 4000.”
  • Support the proposal to “identify preferred areas for tree planting, including commercial woodlands and planting at medium and large scale.”
  • Urge that a new policy be included that the majority of this planting should be productive planting, so that the carbon captured in the forest is locked up for longer in timber products.
  • Support the Confor position. 

You can respond to the consultation by emailing before 4 October. Please copy in to let us know you have responded. Visit to read the full consultation document.

For more information on productive forestry and carbon see Confor’s new report.

Eskdalemuir summary graphic