Payment and refund policy

Confor membership subscriptions and renewals

Confor membership payments can be made via our online booking form or by phone. All major debit or credit cards are accepted, and payment via cheque can be accepted offline.

Annual subscriptions which are payable in advance for the ensuing year at either 1st October or 1st January (depending on the category of membership) will not normally be refundable should the member cancel membership part-way through the year.  Confor reserves the sole right to vary this policy in exceptional circumstances.


Events bookings

Events tickets can be booked via our online booking system, with all major debit and credit cards being accepted. Offline booking can be requested, refer to events term for details.

By default, payments for events booking are non-refundable, unless stated in the refund policy for a particular event. Change of attendee name for a ticket can be requested. Confor reserves the right to vary this policy in exceptional circumstances.  

By default, full refunds will be made for events that are cancelled by Confor, unless stated otherwise in the event’s refund policy.