UKWAS 5 - second consultation response

18 November 2021

Draft consultation response for use by others as well as key considerations which still need addressed. 

The 1st round was open to consultation in March & April 2021. Confor submitted a response, in total there were 38 (full list on UKWAS website). Of those responses a quarter where from ENGOs and only one public forest. In general foresters were outnumbered by other forest users.

The 2nd round is open now, closing on the 30th November 2021.

The Confor response in April had some impact and minor changes can be attributed to some of our comments.

However several key issues still remain. The evidence presented to counter changes is still strong and some new evidence that can be added. 

In order to resist changes we must have our voices heard and in volume. Therefore for this second round we need to have a significant number of foresters submit a response. The Confor response will be available for anyone to use as a base. I would suggest the main undercutting theme should be forestry needs to be financially viable to support the non-economically elements of UKWAS, this is a point that is in danger of being lost.

Confor draft response to UKWAS 5 2nd consultation

Confor summary of UKWAS 5 1st round and consideration of 2nd round of consultation