Tree charter launched on 800th anniversary

7 November 2017

Confor joined the celebrations as a new forest charter that aims to put trees and woods back at the heart of people's lives was launched - on the 800th anniversary of the original.

Caroline Harrison, Confor’s England Manager, attended the event at Lincoln Castle - home to one of only two surviving copies of the original 1217 charter that granted public access to royal land. A lantern parade into the castle was followed by the official launch of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People - which aims to protect existing woodland and encourage the planting of more trees - with the aim of reverse a "state of deforestation”.  

Guests were welcomed by broadcaster Clive Anderson, Chair of The Woodland Trust which has led the campaign to launch the Charter. The Trust said the aim was to combat "the unprecedented pressures from development, pests, diseases and climate change, and provide guidance and inspiration across government, communities and individuals”. 

The Charter is built around 10 guiding principles, which include making trees accessible to all and putting trees at the heart of future development. 

Caroline Harrison said: “It was a real privilege to attend the launch of the Charter. The incredible support from across the country shows what a vital part trees play in so many people’s lives.” 

Confor was among 70 organisations and 300 community groups who collected more than 60,000 stories from across the UK to show what an important role trees play in people’s lives. The stories helped to define the 10 Principles of the Tree Charter, ensuring it represents trees and people across the UK. 

Read more about the Tree Charter here