Timber Security: It's Your Business

7 September 2017

A new timber security leaflet to encourage good practice and deliver best value for the entire supply chain has been launched by Confor.

Timber Security: It's Your Business was launched at the Confor Woodland Show and highlights the benefits of the whole supply chain working together to ensure that timber is not lost at any stage in the process. 

Andrew Heald, Confor's Technical Director, said: "The industry asked Confor to produce a very simple and easy-to-use leaflet which we have done. It includes simple tips for those working along the supply chain - and if we can work together more effectively, everybody benefits.  

"As the leaflet says, timber security is your business."  

Mr Heald said the forest and timber industry operated to the highest professional standards, but also relied on a high level of trust. 

He added: "Timber security is not a major economic problem in the industry, but isolated examples of bad practice can create negative perceptions and cause reputational damage." 

Confor will create a dedicated web page on timber security where the leaflet can be downloaded, as well as distributing hard copies at the Confor Woodland Show at Longleat this week, and at future industry events.  

The web page will feature examples of good practice in the sector and Confor is keen to hear from businesses about their positive work - including timber tracking systems and number plate recognition. 

Iwan Williams, Regional Harvesting Manager for Tilhill Forestry, commented: "We welcome this leaflet and work from Confor. The forestry and timber sector relies a great deal on trust all along the supply chain but suspicions of dishonesty can quickly undermine that trust. Taking a few precautions and following best practice means that we can all continue to work openly, transparently and safely". 

The leaflet includes simple advice for all parts of the supply chain, from forest owners and managers through harvesting managers and contractors to timber hauliers, sawmillers and processors.  

Mr Heald added: "This is all about common sense and good practice - such as accurate mapping and measurement, good site security, pre-commmencement meetings, regular assessments and long-term contracts. 

"The industry has a good track record of partnership and collaboration - and Timber Security: It's Your Business builds on this. We are keen to highlight examples of good practice and if anyone would like their timber security work featured on the site, we would be happy to hear from them." 

Anyone who wants to highlight good timber security practice should call Andrew Heald on 0131 240 1410 or email andrew.heald@confor.org.uk 

To download the leaflet, click here.