Taking forward Wales’ sustainable management of natural resources

1 September 2017

Welsh Government is running this consultation on “Taking forward Wales’ sustainable management of natural resources” which closes on 30th of September.

Confor's Martin Bishop has prepared a response - download it here - but we would urge you all to send your own response. Please copy and use any of this one, amend it for yourself or do your own but it is very important that we get as many responses in to WG as possible.

Simply copy the Confor response and delete our name and add your own on page 1, the address to send it to is underneath that. Then add or delete any comment to the questions you wish. 

Questions that are important to our sector are:

Question 4 to 10 are forestry related.

Question 15 is about access to outdoors, increasing public access, proposing to allow other users like cyclists and horses to use footpaths and may concern you.

Question 29 is about regulation 

Martin is happy to help anyone if they need it and he can send the full consultation document which gives all the background and detail to the consultation if you wish to read it. Martin.bishop@confor.org.uk