Stakeholder update - P ramorum in Yorkshire

18 July 2017

New confirmation of a Phytophthora ramorum (Pr) infection (Ramorum disease) on larch in Yorkshire.


Phytophthora ramorum

I am writing to let you know that we have had a new confirmation of a Phytophthora ramorum (Pr)
infection (Ramorum disease) on larch in Yorkshire. The symptomatic trees were identified during regular
aerial surveillance by the Forestry Commission Tree Health Team, and subsequent field investigations
have confirmed the cause as being

The site is located in West Yorkshire near Bingley. The level of infection is low but in order to help
prevent the spread of the disease the symptomatic trees are being felled alongside an appropriate buffer
zone. The total treatment area included in the Statutory Plant Health Notice is approximately 12
hectares with the trees to be felled being both larch and sweet chestnut.

As a result of this new infection in Yorkshire we would recommend that you take the time to survey larch
trees within your woodlands and report any further signs of the disease. The normal route for reporting
suspected tree diseases is to submit a report through Tree Alert at
It's disappointing that we have to take this action, but it's been a possibility we have been preparing and
planning for, given the capacity of the disease to continue to spread. Our plan is to ensure that the
symptomatic trees, and any larch and sweet chestnut trees within the buffer zone, some of which could
possibly be infected, but not yet showing symptoms, are felled quickly and before the peak sporulation
period in the autumn.

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