Revisions of FSC Chain of Custody standard finally complete

5 January 2017

On the 30th of December FSC International announced that the revisions of their Chain of Custody standard were finally complete and that the new revised standard would be live from 1st April 2017, with companies having to be audited and compliant with it by 31st March 2018.

This revision process has lasted several years and included many rounds of consultation; Confor has been vocal in ensuring that the opinions of UK forestry and timber companies have been heard and understood in Bonn. The main reason for the lengthy delays has been various attempts to squeeze the “Online Claims Platform” into earlier versions of the standard. This overly bureaucratic system would have added significantly to administrations costs but delivered little in terms of the additional assurance so desired by FSC.

Confor will look at the standard in more detail over the next few days and our thoughts will be published in the next FTN.