PM's green revolution must deliver tree planting pledge

Confor has welcomed the Prime Minister’s renewed tree planting commitment - but stressed that new figures show how difficult delivering this will be.

After Boris Johnson included the target of planting 30,000 hectares of trees every year in his Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, Confor Chief Executive Stuart Goodall said: 

“The forestry and wood industry welcomes the Prime Minister’s personal commitment to increase UK tree planting rates to 30,000 hectares each year.  This is a huge challenge for the whole of the country and, while some progress has been made, particularly in Scotland, current statistics show just how much needs to change if the UK is going to get to this level by the middle of the decade. 

“The Prime Minister’s plan coincides with the publication of statistics showing that in April-September 2020, only 763 hectares of land were newly planted with trees in England. 

“Confor has calculated England needs to plant at least 7,500 hectares of new woodland each year if the UK is to meet its overall target.  This is roughly 10 times the figure reported by the Forestry Commission today, so the scale of the challenge is apparent for anyone to see.” 

The House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee is currently looking at forestry and woodland management to see what lessons can be learnt from the failure to meet previous tree planting ambitions in England.  

Confor’s evidence to the EFRA inquiry calls for greater coordination between the different parts of the UK on how they will contribute to the 30,000 hectare target and highlights the need for big improvements to the process for approving planting applications in England.  

Mr Goodall added: “Now that the Prime Minister has put his personal authority behind the latest drive as part of his Green Industrial Revolution, it's more important than ever to get the bureaucracy sorted and ensure all parts of the UK can deliver new planting to benefit the environment, business and the wider community.”