New map browser and Land Information Search

5 December 2018

Launch of new Forestry Commission map browser (for England) with an improved Land Information Search.

The new FC map browser (for use by customers in England) has improved functionality and accessibility and a new Land Information Search tool.
The new services are accessed on GOV.UK using the Use the Forestry Commission map browser and Land Information Search guidance page.

What can I use the map browser and Land Information Search for?

The map browser is a public information tool that allows you to view data layers published by the Forestry Commission. You can see how they interact with the area of land you have an interest in, and can identify various agreements for forestry and woodland management activity that has been approved. The Land Information Search allows all of this information to be put into a report that you can print and save.

Who should use the map browser?

If you are planning to engage in forestry activities, the map browser will aid the scoring of targeted grant schemes, and help with stakeholder engagement when at the planning stage.

You should also use the map browser if you have an interest in a forestry or woodland management activity in your area and want reassurance that the work is legitimate.
Don’t forget to use alongside the FC map browser, as not all forestry data layers of information are available (due to licencing and data sharing).

What can the map browser do for me? 

There are lots of functions within the map browser that can help you with your mapping needs! These include:

  • creating (drawing and measuring) new features or boundaries on an Ordnance Survey map backdrop, and printing those new features as part of a new PDF map
  • identifying approved (current and legacy) grant schemes and felling permissions
  • searching against the published data layers to see what features or designations of interest influence a particular area of land
  • producing a constraints check report against a proposal area, as evidence that you have carried out these basic checks
  • engaging with stakeholders once you have assessed the results of a LIS check linking to the FC Map Request Service

Is there any guidance on how to use the FC map browser? 

We have put together the following guidance to help you use the map browser and get the most out of its functionality: Forestry Commission map browser with Land Information Search: operations note 48