National Resources Wales: Timber Sale

23 May 2016

NRW timber sales events are on line auctions or tenders for timber. NRW publishes the dates along with details of what is for sale and where, anyone can view them but in order to bid you have to be registered with NRW/FC and then go to a different website to put on a bid. 

The link below is to NRW timber sales page which shows all the sale dates for 2016/17. By clicking on the date you can see what timber is for sale and where.

Anyone can view the sale details but importantly in order to bid for any parcels you will need to register with NRW beforehand. 

Please see the link below which will take you directly the NRW webpage detailing the sales for year 2016/17.  Maps are embedded into the tables and should open when clicked. If you encounter problems accessing a map please contact NRW direct,