High timber prices are 'big opportunity'

2 August 2018

Record prices mean it is the perfect time for landowners to bring their timber to market - and to consider further tree planting as forestry becomes an increasingly attractive and sustainable land use option.

That was the key message communicated by Confor Chief Executive Stuart Goodall in a positive report on the sector by STV News.

Raymond Henderson, Forestry Partner at Bidwells and a Confor Board member, was also interviewed for the feature, which highlighted the opportunities to plant more timber to reduce the UK's reliance on imports which could become significantly more costly after Brexit.

He said: "With the pound relatively weak against currencies like the euro, and the fact that we are a major timber-importing nation, home-grown timber is very competitive against exports and we have seen very high prices over the last six months."

Mr Goodall said: "There is a real opportunity for people who have woodland and forestry as prices are very strong. This is also a great time for landowners to consider planting to ensure an economically and environmentally sustainable land use mix in the long term."

He added: "It's very positive to see the mainstream broadcast media picking up this story and recognising forestry and wood processing as a significant and economically valuable industry."