Future of Gazelle for Hylobius control in doubt

6 February 2023

All forestry uses of Gazelle for Hylobius control will cease in July 2024 unless discussions between Confor, Forest Research, and the manufacturers can find a solution to environmental concerns.

The pesticide regulator within HSE are shortly to issue an new approval notice for Gazelle SG, the insecticide which we currently use through an offlabel approval for the control of Hylobius.

The new approval will exclude all forestry uses, except use on container grown plants under glass or polytunnels in the forest nursery. This is largely due to the results from standard analysis techniques of the active ingredient, acetamiprid, not meeting current environmental safety standards.

A similar product, Insyst, will, however, continue to be used in oilrape, potatoes and sugar beet.

The only other approved product for Hylobius control, cypermethrin-based Forester, is also predicted to be revoked in the near future, and is, in any case on the FSC Highly Restricted list, so unlikely to be permitted in certified forests

Once the revised approval is published, then growers will have six months to purchase the product, and a further 12 months in which to use it, so last use is likely to be in July 2024.

Confor are in discussion with Forest Research and the UK suppliers, Certis Belchim, to find ways of continuing use after the expiry date.