Forestry vital for sustainable rural future in Wales

16 July 2019

Forestry has a crucial role to play in future sustainable land management in Wales and can deliver on a range of economic and environmental outcomes identified in a Welsh Government consultation.

Reacting to the Sustainable Farming and our Land consultation, Confor's National Manager for Wales, Anthony Geddes, said: "Farming is the clear emphasis of this consultation but it is positive to see forestry is very much part of the conversation on sustainable land management."

The consultation, launched by Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths AM, outlines proposals for future farm and rural support which have been revised in light of the comments received in response to the 2018 Brexit and our Land consultation.

Mr Geddes said the report highlighted forestry's significant economic potential as a profitable rural enterprise - as well as its positive environmental credentials.

"In the forestry sector, we all know that we can deliver for the economy, the environment and communities," he said. "We need to get this message out more strongly to politicians and the wider public - and Confor is working hard to do that by working with Lesley Griffiths and her Welsh Government colleagues.

"In terms of environmental benefit, trees can deliver improved air, water and soil quality - as well as the over-arching issue of reducing the impact of climate change. New woodland - and the better management of existing woodland - can also play a significant role in improving biodiversity."

Mr Geddes said that Confor will be replying in detail to the consultation to promote forestry's role in sustainable land management. 

Read the Welsh Government's news release on the consultation here