Forest for Cornwall

18 October 2019

Confor welcomes proposals by Cornwall Council to create approximately 8,000 hectares of additional canopy cover by 2030, equating to 2% of Cornwall’s land area.

The Forest for Cornwall will not be a single area of new forest but a mosaic of tree and forest types to deliver a net gain in canopy cover across Cornwall.  It will be delivered through partnerships and private sector projects.

Caroline Ayre, National Manager for England, said ”Confor and its members are very pleased to be working with Cornwall Council as one of the partners in developing and delivering The Forest for Cornwall.  Our forest nursery sector need to be informed as soon as possible on what to grow to meet this new demand for trees so good planning and species selection are key.  Done well, with professional advice on planting and long-term management to supply a range of natural capital benefits, including timber, the Forest for Cornwall will create and protect rural jobs at a time of great uncertainly in the land based industries.” 

The Forest for Cornwall programme was developed in the wake of Cornwall Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in January, and the subsequent Climate Action Plan (HERE) has raised the profile of trees, woodland and hedgerows as contributors to natural climate solutions.   

You can find more information about Forest for Cornwall by reading the FAQs (HERE), or by contacting the team at