Farm Forestry at the Royal Highland Show

20 June 2017

Confor is participating in the Royal Highland Show in a new Forestry Tent run in collaboration with Forestry Commission Scotland. 

The focus will be on the potential of forestry to diversify farm businesses in Scotland. 

Staff from Confor and from our member forest management companies will be on hand to speak to farmers and landowners about the multiple benefits of planting trees on a farm. 

Confor’s new publication Farm Forestry, has been produced for the show. 

It includes case studies from around Scotland where farmers have successfully integrated forestry with livestock, improving their cash flow in the short term, protecting their income in the long run, and enjoying multiple benefits in terms of the carbon capture, flood prevention, biodiversity and beauty of their land. 

It also includes articles by Andrew Barbour and Chris Badenoch, leading proponents of forestry on farms, providing more detail on some of the ways forestry can benefit cattle, sheep and grassland management. 

Andrew Barbour says, “Woodland on farms creates value, as measured by the pounds and pence. But woodland creation brings much more than just money – it can make a great place to live, for both us and for the wildlife that surrounds us.”