Emergency approval granted for bracken control

1 July 2022

Aerial and ground-based use of ‘Asulox’ (Asulam) has been given Emergency Approval for the control of bracken in Great Britain and Northern Ireland during the 2022 season.

To ensure that the conditions attached to the approval are complied with, everyone intending to apply Asulox to control bracken must read and understand the full approval and the latest version of the product label.

Colin Palmer, Rural Services, has prepared guidance on conditions of use in forestry. Read the full details of compliance.

Key Points:

  • Application is authorised from 1 July 2022.
  • To minimise interaction with breeding birds, where feasible, application should take place after 1 August, or as late in July as possible.
  • To protect mammals, application is not allowed where the hazel dormouse is known to breed.
  • Aerial application has been authorised subject to an aerial spraying permit being obtained: the regulator will provide template application forms.
  • There is no change to the no-spray buffer zones included in previous authorisations.
  • The Emergency Approval period will end on 12 September for placing Asulox on the market and for use - no spraying is to take place after this date.
  • Returns of unopened containers will be accepted by distributors; it will be illegal to hold stocks of Asulox after 28 October.
  • The Emergency Approval period will end on 29th October 2022 for storage and disposal of stocks.

The latest product label and details of record submission can be found here.