Defra officials get insight into multiple benefits of modern forestry

10 September 2021

Confor organised a visit for 14 officials from the UK Government to give them a real-life illustration of what modern, mixed, productive forestry looks like.

The officials from Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) visited Balcombe estate and sawmill in Surrey, a Confor member. 

The party included Naomi Mathiessen and Bella Murfin, Joint Directors of the Tree Planting Programme at Defra. 

Confor's Chief Executive Stuart Goodall, National Manager for England Caroline Ayre and new Policy Officer Maria Bellissimo accompanied the group.  

Mr Goodall said: "This was a very successful visit to showcase the modern face of forestry. With the support of Balcombe, we were able to highlight and discuss some really important issues and illustrate them in a very practical way."