Confor webinar on tree breeding for improved timber quality and yields

17 December 2020

Confor held a webinar on December 14th 2020 that looked at the current and future research and development activities for the breeding of broadleaved and conifer species.  To ensure that the next generation of trees will produce high quality timber more quickly, are likely to remain healthy for longer, be adapted to a changing climate and sequester more carbon.  It featured presentations on:

  • Improving stiffness in Sitka spruce through tree breeding, so that more British-grown timber can achieve higher construction grades - Gustavo Lopez PhD
  • The work of the Future Trees Trust to improve tree quality and yield through selective breeding - Dr Jo Clark
  • The work of the Conifer Breeding Co-operative to ensure that there is an adequate supply of improved vegetatively propagated Sitka Spruce resource for growers - Tim Liddon

The recording of the event can be found here: