Lord Duncan pays tribute to Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

9 September 2022

Lord Duncan of Springbank PhD FGS leads a tribute to Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on behalf of Confor.

For most of us, Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch we have ever known; a constant in a changing world.

Her first Prime Minister was born in 1874, her last more than a century later.  Over seven decades, with quiet dedication she has served her people. The grief we feel today is the price we pay for love. 

It was often through trees that the Queen marked events. In her lifetime, across the globe, she personally planted more than 1,500 trees. More than a million trees were planted to mark her Platinum Jubilee.

On behalf of Confor, I would like to offer sincere condolences to the King and the Royal Family at this most difficult of times.

We join the nation and so many around the world in mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was an inspiration and represented so much that was good about the United Kingdom.