Bracken Control in Forestry with Asulox 2021

1 July 2021

The Emergency Approval for the use of Asulox for the control of bracken in UK forests has now been renewed.

Application rules are much the same as in 2020 and include the following advisory and statutory requirements:


Start date:  1st July 2021
Last use: 13th September 2021
Unused product:    Returned to supplier or destroy by 31st October 2021
Rate/ha (forest): 10l/ha
Hand Held Use: Maximum concentration 1 part Asulox to 4 parts water
Vehicular boom sprayer: Water volume of 400 - 500l/ha
Aerial application:  Also permitted
Aquatic buffer Zone:  5m (crop sprayer), 1m hand held sprayer
Age of crop (forest): Use only in the first 5 years of establishment
Application Records:      See 3(ii) below. This must be submitted for all applications


  1. The conservation restrictions do not apply to forest use.
  2. It is suggested that the minimum application rate should be 10 litres Asulox in 200l water/ha.
  3. Further information can be found at the Bracken Control Group Website including:

          i). Notice of approval. Click EA Notice of Approval.

          ii). Application Records. Click online form under Asulam Application Records