Welsh guidance on Covid-19

Welsh Government position

In a letter to Confor Wales Manager Anthony Geddes on April 3, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs Lesley Griffiths said:

"The forestry and wood processing sector have a vital role to play during the current coronavirus pandemic.

"As the UK Government has confirmed, many companies are involved in the supply chain for key goods, including, and not limited to, pallets, heating, packaging, tissue paper, timber harvesting and sawmills. Companies in the sector play an important role in the supply chain for food and medical goods.

"It is important that essential goods such as these continue to be supplied throughout this period and the Welsh Government and NRW will work closely with the UK Government and devolved administrations towards achieving this aim, while ensuring the safety of employees remains a top priority."

NRW guidance
Earlier, NRW released their Covid 19 guidance. They recognise the importance of the timber supply chain and will continue to manage harvesting contracts where necessary and safe but only where it is possible to comply with UK and Welsh Government instructions on Covid- 19 restrictions and normal operational safety standards.

On March 26, the latest Covid-19 advice said this on Forestry Operations: "We're continuing with our harvesting operations to assist the supply of wood products. Helping to sustain essential services in the health, food and energy sectors. All of our forestry sites are subject to strict checks to ensure that we are operating within current Government guidelines on coronavirus and social distancing measures."