Woodland Creation via Countryside Stewardship (CS)

3 January 2018

The application window is now open.

You can now submit an application for CS Woodland Creation Grant. If you are applying you must ensure you have submitted a completed application and supporting documents to Natural England Technical Services by midnight on 16 February 2018, read our press release on GOV.UK.

Recent changes to Technical Services means you should now send your application to Natural England Technical Service’s Transactional Hub in Crewe - contact details are below. However, if you send it to another one of Natural England’s Transactional Hubs (in line with Annex 4 of the Woodland Creation Grant Manual 2018) it will be redirected to Crewe.

For more information and to download your application form please see the Woodland Support page on GOV.UK.

Map Requests

There is still time to request a map from Natural England to support your Woodland Creation Grant application. Map requests should be made no later than 31 January to guarantee an application map is provided to you in time for the submission deadline. Contact Natural England’s Transactional Hub in Crewe now if you would like to request a map for your application.

Contact details for Natural England’s Transactional Hub in Crewe:

Natural England, PO Box 380, Crewe, CW1 6YH
Tel: 0208 026 1805
Email: ts.crewe@naturalengland.org.uk

Useful Hints and Tips for creation 2018

Follow us on Twitter @ForestryComm for useful hints and tips to help you with your Woodland Creation Grant application over the next few weeks.

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