Confor EU poll result revealed

21 June 2016

A poll by industry body Confor shows a narrow majority of the UK forestry and timber sector wishes to remain in the EU. 

Confor has pledged that whatever the result of the EU referendum tomorrow, it will campaign for action by the UK Government to help the forestry and timber sector reach its potential. 

Confor has polled the forestry and timber industry, asking the same question that the UK electorate will face – to leave or to remain in the EU. The poll result shows 54 per cent in favour of remaining in the European Union, with 46 per cent against. 

Stuart Goodall, Chief Executive of Confor, said: "Our aim through the campaign has been to present factual information in a straightforward way." 

A report by Guy Watt, The Referendum: seeing the EU through the trees, was published by Confor in April and detailed the key areas where the EU has an impact on the forestry and timber sector: direct financial support; regulations, red tape and bureaucracy; trade; plant health; the labour market and controlling UK borders; and the economy. 

Confor also organised a political debate at Westminster, with MPs from across the political spectrum speaking for and against remaining in the EU, in front of an industry audience. 

Stuart Goodall added: "Confor will continue to work hard for the entire sector whatever the outcome of tomorrow's referendum. Whether we are in and out of the EU, the big issues of tree planting rates, regulation, future wood supply, plant health and many more will still be around - and Confor will work just as hard to represent our members to the very best of our ability."