Buy local, burn local, buy Ready to Burn

21 February 2020

Confor responds to Defra’s announcement on the sale of wet firewood

Today Defra announced that the sale of wet firewood, one of the most polluting types of domestic fuel, will be phased out from February 2021. 

This announcement is in line with Confor’s response to the government’s consultation on domestic burning. 

Caroline Ayre, Confor Manager for England, said, “Processing and seasoning high-quality firewood is an important business for many of our members. We recommend customers Buy local – burn local and choose firewood with the Woodsure Ready to Burn label. 

“Local firewood not only supports UK jobs and the rural economy, it is also crucial to managing our native woodlands. This is vital to ensure these woodlands’ health and existence as carbon stores and biodiversity habitats for the long term. 

“Buying local seasoned firewood also helps to protect our woodlands from invasive pests and diseases, which can be imported on wet wood.” 

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