The use of Satellite Imagery in Forestry in Great Britain

10 December 2021

A Remotely Sensible Idea - The use of Satellite Imagery in Forestry in Great Britain.

Presented by Maddie Grady and Antony Walker, Forest Research.

Hosted by Nicol Sinclair, Forest Research.

Please register to attend this online seminar by 8th December 2021. Joining details will be emailed to you the day before the event.

What will the seminar cover?

Remote sensing technologies have promised much over the last 30 years but for some have never seemed to quite deliver on their early promise.  Advances over the last 10 years in data collection, storage and processing have removed many of the cost and accuracy barriers to their adoption.  Furthermore advances in artificial intelligence are helping to significantly reduce the analytical time to generate meaningful outputs to support practitioners and policy makers.  This session will present two use cases of remote sensing technology that are being used by foresters to understand woodland loss in Scotland and a pilot initiative to support tree health monitoring in larch across Great Britain.