Seed Sourcing for Trees of the Future Webinar

13 September 2022

The Institute of Chartered Foresters will host a free one-day webinar, supported by DEFRA and the Forestry Commission, to provide landowners, managers and foresters with guidance and advice on seed sourcing; a vital but often overlooked part of the tree production and planting process.

By raising awareness of the importance of seed sourcing, DEFRA and the Forestry Commission, supported by the Nature for Climate Fund, aim to increase the number and diversity of sources of Forest Reproductive Materials (FRM) that are available and used to supply UK tree production demand, putting tree-planting in England on the trajectory required for the UK to meet government’s net zero target.

On the day, attendees will hear from technical experts as well as commercial seed suppliers and landowners. Topics covered will include how to effectively manage existing seed sources, identifying and registering new seed stands and the planting of seed orchards. 

Discussions will focus on the importance of hosting and providing access to tree seed sources, the opportunities derived from doing so, as well as guidance and support regarding how to put in place the relevant processes required to ensure efficient management.

Attendees are welcome to join individual sessions throughout the day. Recordings will be available after the event. 

The webinar is in partnership with the Royal Forestry Society (RFS), Country Land and Business Association (CLA), Confederation of Forest Industries (Confor) and Small Woods Association (SWA). 

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