International Year of Plant health

2020 marks the International Year of Plant Health, a UN-backed initiative highlighting the importance of our plants and trees. In the UK Defra and partners are using this opportunity to show how we can all help safeguard our trees, woods and forests for future generations.

Healthy trees benefit people, the environment and the economy. With 3.2 million hectares of woodland in the UK, the asset value of our trees is estimated to be £175bn. Yet the threat to our trees is real and increasing. As part of International Year of Plant Health, we take an in-depth look at the pathways for tree pests and diseases, and what organisations across the sector are doing to stop the spread.

Forestry and Timber News has published a series of perspectives on plant health from across the forestry and timber supply chain.

Preventing the spread of tree pests and diseases relies on everyone playing their part. The Forestry Commission has biosecurity advice and guidance for forestry practitioners working in the field. For more on International Year of Plant Health, visit