In November 2021, the United Nations’ annual global climate change conference, also called COP (Conference of the Parties) will be held in Glasgow.

The COP conferences are one of the largest meetings in the world and are key opportunities to achieve more ambitious country commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This year, in particular, the UN gathering is seen as the world’s last chance to seriously act on climate change before it is too late to keep global warming well below the critical 2 degrees Celsius level.

It is expected that around 190 world leaders will attend the conference, with talks taking place from 1 – 12 November. Confirmed attendees include the Queen, US President Joe Biden and John Kerry, Pope Francis, Greta Thunberg, and Sir David Attenborough.

Stuart Goodall, Confor CEO, says:

"Thankfully for the forestry and timber sector we aren’t reliant on big set piece events to effect change in policy making and delivery of action like new woodland creation and increased use of wood. The progress we’re making is based on years of lobbying and that influencing activity will continue, and link to other important policy areas like a green recovery from the pandemic and ‘levelling up’ in England. Unlike most other sectors, greater activity in forestry reduces carbon while also creating more jobs, and we know that the world needs more wood.

What COP26 does provide is a focal point for publication of the latest developments in policy, and the UK government has published its net zero strategy. Our new policy officer Maria Bellissimo has prepared an analysis of this from the forestry and timber perspective."