The practicalities of the management of European Protected Species in a woodland situation

29 November 2018

Confor Marches region field day at Cleobury Mortimer Woodland, Shropshire

29th November at Cleobury Mortimer Woodland, Mawley Oak, Shropshire, DY14 9BG

Woodland owners and managers are mostly aware of the guidelines and various regulations that surround European Protected Species however there are still questions that need to be addressed: 

  • How will an incident of accidental disturbance be policed?
  • How can we communicate the message that judicious forest management provides greater benefit than harm?
  • How best can we mitigate the responsibilities being thrust upon us? 

A programme will be sent out to all those who register to attend. 

For information on how to protect wildlife and habitats and apply for wildlife licences so you can legally operate in woodlands and forests see here

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