Superwood: How forestry and timber can drive a low carbon economy

14 December 2018

University of Northumbria, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

sponsored by Wood for Good and EGGER UK

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Why does Northumberland, with the mighty Kielder Forest within its borders, still have tree cover of only 8 per cent? How do we overcome the assumption that we won't plant trees in large parts of the county, despite growing support for the environmental and economic benefits they provide?

Why aren't we more ambitious about timber construction in the North-East to deliver a more sustainable future? What are the opportunities for the sector presented by the bioeconomy - and the challenges, especially around wood supply?

These are just  few of the many questions to be posed at Superwood, Confor's winter conference at the University of Northumbria on Friday 14th December.

The event aims to bring together the whole supply chain, from tree nurseries and forest managers to wood processors and architects building with wood - along with academics, environmentalists and politicians - to strengthen existing connections and create new ones and to put forestry and timber at the heart of a low-carbon future.

The conference agenda is now available here