Superwood: How forestry and timber can drive a low carbon economy

14 December 2018

University of Northumbria, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

sponsored by Wood for Good and EGGER UK

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How can the north of England capitalise on significant economic and environmental opportunities by planting far more trees and building creatively with timber? Despite the immense Kielder Forest, tree cover is just 8 per cent in Northumberland, lower than the rest of England, which is in turn well below the UK average of 13 per cent. The area covered by the Northern Forest has tree cover of just 7.6 per cent 

How do we overcome significant barriers to plant more trees in the region - described as "a simple, low-cost option" to deliver on climate change targets? Why aren't we more ambitious about timber construction to deliver a more sustainable future? What are the opportunities for the sector presented by the bioeconomy - and the challenges?

Can England learn lessons by looking over the border to Scotland - not just in terms of tree planting, but joined-up policy? This event aims to bring together the whole supply chain, from tree nurseries and forest managers to wood processors and architects building with wood - to strengthen existing connections and create new ones and to put forestry and timber at the heart of a low-carbon future.

Join the conversation - and help join the dots to a brighter, greener future built on forestry and wood.

Many thanks to Wood for Good and EGGER UK for sponsoring this event.