Post-Brexit UK Trade Policy Summit

8 November 2017

To assist companies with their planning and decision making, City & Financial are organising this event on 8th November in London.

Supported by the Department for International Trade, and with an impressive array of experts, this event will guide delegates through the key issues, including:

  • Structuring BREXIT to maximise trade benefits and enhance the UK’s participation in the global value chain

  • Transition: What will a transitional agreement for the UK look like?

  • How will the customs arrangements work through the transition period and beyond?

  • What sort of comprehensive transition arrangements are possible for services?

  • Towards an independent UK trade policy that works for business - a new EU partnership: what are the alternatives to single market membership?  

  • Implications of a “Hard Brexit” for trade in (a) goods and (b) services and what are the challenges and applicable WTO rules?

  • The Government’s vision of a Global Britain: making allies and forging new trade relationships with other developed and developing countries

  • Making a success of Brexit: what business needs to make it work