Next steps for natural environment policy in England

27 April 2017

Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum Keynote Seminar

This seminar will provide an opportunity to assess the next steps for biodiversity, wildlife conservation and natural capital, including priorities for natural environment policy following Brexit. 

Delegates will evaluate the Government’s progress towards delivering a 25-year Environment Plan and the central role of the Natural Capital Committee in advising and helping to deliver this. Further discussion will cover opportunities and case studies in sustainable land and wildlife management, promoting and managing ecosystem services and creating value from the natural environment through investment and natural capital accounting. 

Sessions are also expected to assess the impact of the EU referendum on the future of environmental regulation and investment in environmental conservation schemes, as well as the funding available to charities and research in the sector.   

Areas for discussion include:

  • Priorities for the development of 25-year Environment Plan, and implementing the Natural Capital Committee’s recommendations;
  • Next steps for environmental conservation: funding, cooperation, and utilising evidence and data;
  • Stakeholder engagement and sustainability principles in the planning system;
  • Examining priorities for developing Natural Capital: ecosystem services, land management and wider public benefits; and
  • Government priorities for the future of natural environment policy. 

Up to date infomation on agenda and registration can be found here