Future Foresters Technology Day

20 October 2017

High tech and savvy: bringing together Future Foresters and leaders in tomorrow's technology

New technologies are helping to transform forestry and arboriculture into one of the most progressive and exciting land based sectors to be involved in. The Royal Forestry Society's first national conference for students will bring together those at the forefront of technology with the users of the future.

On 20 October 2017, up to 250 students - all foresters, arborists, woodland & countryside managers in the making - will have the chance to hear and quiz top speakers and join in interactive demonstrations of some of the most advanced and sophisticated technologies coming on to and currently used in the forestry/arboriculture market.

The conference - the Future Foresters Technology Day - is being held in partnership with Sorbus International, hosted by Moulton College in Northamptonshire and sponsored by Stihl. It is open to current and recently graduated forestry, arboriculture and countryside students from all universities and colleges around the UK.

Full details and tickets are available here.