Confor north region technical event

23 March 2020

Practical management of forestry and wildlife
Morning session: Ivegill Village Hall, Carlisle / afternoon session: Warren and Lalbuss Woods, Ivegill

It often seems that regulation and legislation are bearing down to force the hand of woodland owners and managers into undertaking operations in a way that relegates economic timber production to the last consideration, when in reality, it is often only by the fact that these woodlands have been established decades ago, and historical timber management has taken place, that many of these rare and valued habitats actually exist in these places. This technical event will look at:

  • How we can communicate the message that judicious forest management provides greater benefit than harm?

  • How best can we mitigate the responsibilities being thrust upon us?

The day will encourage discussion on the actual practicalities of managing multiple species on site according to the individual best practice guidelines.