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New survey launched on tick-borne infections in the UK and Ireland

Posted Date : 01/11/2011

Lyme Research UK letter: 

We are asking organisations who may have members at risk of tick-borne infections to help us publicise a new research project.

This is a survey of the experience of health services of people with tick-borne infections in the UK and Ireland (Eire). It has been set up by a group called LymeResearchUk and Ireland in conjunction with the charity Tick Talk Ireland and is led by indpendent researcher Kate Bloor. She is fully registered with the Social Research Association and this project adheres to their ethical guidelines. The survey is open from the 14th October 2011 and will run for eight weeks.  

We are asking organisations whose members may carry a higher risk of getting these illnesses - but also can potentially get quickly diagnosed and treated - to advertise the survey by:

1. Putting a link to the survey in newsletters, magazines, members emails and your website. and/or

2. Placing or writing an article about the overall issues around Tick-borne diseases in the UK and Ireland. We can point you in the direction of relevant information if you wish to write an article.  

For technical and ethical reasons, we need to be sure to approach recruiting participants to the survey in the right way.

The easiest way of filling it in is via this link:

This link can be used in facebook, websites, emailed to members, and in newsletters etc. This link can be posted out in any format.

Through this link participants have a process of informed consent regarding choosing to engage with the survey and its information.

Any questions or enquiries about using this information can be directed to:

Many thanks,


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